Dr. Alexis Anja Kallio is a specialist in the politics of arts education, equity, and cultural wellbeing in diverse social contexts. She is a Lecturer in the Sibelius Academy Faculty of Music Education, Jazz, and Folk Music Doctoral School and the Global Music Program in which she teaches a number of courses in research methods, music education and cultural diversity, policy-literacy, the sociology and philosophy of music education, as well as research communications. 


She has collaborated with scholars in various academic disciplines, as well as practitioners, artists, and policymakers through various research projects and publications. Her empirical, theoretical, and methodological work has been published in numerous scientific journals and books. She is lead editor of three books (Indiana University Press, Springer, Routledge) and serves on a number of editorial boards for international, peer reviewed journals (Nordic Yearbook of Music Education, International Journal of Education and the Arts, International Journal of Music Education, Research Studies in Music Education.

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